Day: August 27, 2019

I Am A Star That Guides You

Another important inspiring human potential topic shared with you in this poetic/stream of consciousness format, to assist you as you pursue your inner growth journey and leading with heart. In the hope that it leads you to shine bright from the heart as your guiding star always ❤

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 239 – There’s A Depth Within You That Goes Beyond What You Can Imagine

Exploring how there’s a depth within you that goes beyond what you can imagine; how inner growth gets you to tap in to that depth; why every person will go to that depth in a way that resonates with them, their essence, their heart; how the journey begins from an inner input and inner way of processing; why there’s facing uncertainty and the unknown in each layer of depth you get to; and how the unlimited potential you hold within, from that depth and with the gaining of your inner and outer knowledge of it, is unlimited based on if you believe in an infinite potential and depth to you, life and all, or a finite and limited one that has an end to its depth.