Day: August 19, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 231 – Neutrality Allows For A Middle Ground

Exploring how neutrality allows for a middle ground; how it works through duality in a way that creates unity from the divide thanks to the love, understanding, and value it gives to each side; how the recognition of opposites that exist and that can work together to bring forth something new without denying completely one side or another is a part of this neutrality; how making choices from the heart with love, understanding and unconditional love for the experience of life that is diverse and exciting because of our diversity and uniqueness plays a role; and why when neutrality is brought forth with love in our hearts for self and others (as they are in their essence and uniqueness) helps reach a middle ground for the benefit of the whole and not only one side or another side (which is what happens in duality with a divide).