Day: August 12, 2019

August 5D ascension energies as the full moon approaches brings neutrality and more from the heart

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! August 5D ascension energies as the full moon approaches brings the choice of a complete shift from the old to the new for those lightworkers who are ready to be the opportunity for love to be the way, for neutrality to find that new way to be a constant and allow all to have a say, to bring forth that unity we’re meant to live and can live with opposites because in our hearts (unconsciously) and minds (consciously) we know the true purpose of opposites in life: to bring to consciousness the choice we have for what shape, form, title, heart, and so on we want to experience in our unique life and bring forth to the world’s potential experience.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 224 – Perfect Timing In All That You Do

Exploring perfect timing in all that you do; looking back on the time passed to find the growth, additions, lessons, and all that brings more to all that you do; how inner growth also takes place and participates in this outlook in a way that helps you to remove judgement or filters that hide the perfect timing aha moments and lessons; and in what ways this raising of consciousness and awareness to perfect timings make the life experiences you have even in your day-to-day and long-term, that much more amazing and full of learning, growth, and love of self, others, and life moments.