Month: August 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 243 – Why True Self-Mastery Is Inner Growth

Exploring why true self-mastery is inner growth; different applications of self-mastery depending on your level of consciousness of your inner self and the essence of you; the difference with pursuing inner growth and achieving self-mastery from not going within; and how it’s a personal choice based on inclinations you can always become aware of if interested in achieving more self-mastery from within.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 242 – The Words You Use Can Tell You A Lot About You

Exploring how the words you use can tell you a lot about you and what you hold in your heart; how the words you use in certain circumstances reveal subconscious/unconscious aspects that can come forth thanks to your raising of consciousness/awareness towards the words with your inner self in mind; why inner growth gets you to go within at all levels, which helps this type of contemplation that can bring forth growth and tapping in to your higher potential; and what difference it makes to pay that close attention from the heart to the words you use in any and all situations.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 241 – The Beauty Of You and The World When Raising Your Consciousness

Exploring the beauty of you and the world when raising your consciousness; how this amazement begins within, at the heart level; why it includes yourself and others when whole and continuous; what inner growth helps you work through and process from the heart and mind through your raising of consciousness to the essence of you and all that life is for others too and this beauty; and why this beauty also includes opposites.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 240 – Growing Inner Flow and Peace When Challenges Arise

Exploring growing inner flow and peace when challenges arise; how inner growth gets you to embark on this journey with great ease and resonance with your person, your essence, your heart; why it’s important to go within and accept the external as is, in order to grow flow and peace; what’s the difference in states of consciousness of you, your essence, how complete or more you can do for you as you get to know you at the heart and essence level; what inner harmony of your within with the external has to do with this ever-growing flow and peace you can bring to your life and the lives of others; and all that your higher unlimited potential belief has to do with where you’ll arrive at with this journey in the face of challenging moments, and more.

I Am A Star That Guides You

Another important inspiring human potential topic shared with you in this poetic/stream of consciousness format, to assist you as you pursue your inner growth journey and leading with heart. In the hope that it leads you to shine bright from the heart as your guiding star always ❤

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 239 – There’s A Depth Within You That Goes Beyond What You Can Imagine

Exploring how there’s a depth within you that goes beyond what you can imagine; how inner growth gets you to tap in to that depth; why every person will go to that depth in a way that resonates with them, their essence, their heart; how the journey begins from an inner input and inner way of processing; why there’s facing uncertainty and the unknown in each layer of depth you get to; and how the unlimited potential you hold within, from that depth and with the gaining of your inner and outer knowledge of it, is unlimited based on if you believe in an infinite potential and depth to you, life and all, or a finite and limited one that has an end to its depth.

What Do You Desire Most For Yourself In Life?

Inner Growth Inspiring Human Potential Daring To Think The Unthinkable With Love In Your Heart For All

“Ask yourself what you desire most for yourself in life & you’ll always find the path that leads you higher from within & without (aka the external) in your every day.” ~ FNM ❤ This message goes out to all those who are facing an inner conflict of some sort, something that preoccupies you, that

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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 238 – Living Love and Neutrality Accompanied With Firmness

Exploring living love and neutrality accompanied with firmness; what does this mean in practice; how does inner growth get you there; and what transformations take place in your life as you pursue this type of living from the heart in the most impartial, yet assertive way possible that enables you to express the essence of you without impeding or imposing on the essence of others.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 237 – Deciding Who Knows You Best

Exploring deciding who knows you best; how this decision is something inner growth gets you to explore from the heart; how you consistently work through this contemplation and in-depth conversation until you give your heart and the essence of you room to be the guide to this knowledge; and how you already hold this knowledge of you within, but why it is only through the external that it comes forth in a way that leads to truly facing the query of being self-empowered and your self-leader or not, as well as the continuous inner growth and higher consciousness and unlimited potential you can pursue.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 236 – Understanding What You Don’t Understand

Exploring understanding what you don’t understand; what raising your consciousness to you, your heart, and the essence of you have to do with this understanding; how inner growth helps you to expand your understanding with things that are not clear at first; and why this process is ever evolving once you embrace neutrality from the heart with an openness towards all that life brings your way.