Day: July 21, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 202 – Why Trusting In Yourself Is Fundamental

Exploring why trusting in yourself is fundamental; how to identify the level of trust you have in yourself; what trust in yourself means when others and the external give you information that doesn’t resonate with your heart, inner core, the essence of you; how trusting in yourself doesn’t involve having an impact on and/or getting something from others or the external; and how inner growth assists you in growing inner trust, understanding it, transforming it, and solidifying it as the foundation from which you’ll always find the answers you seek to any question on a life moment or life experience, and so on.

We Are The Opportunity For Love To Be The Way

I share with you these words from the heart to bring support to your journey in making a difference in this world through heart, unconditional love, inner growth, inspiring your higher potential, expressing the higher potential your being holds, the essence of you, the heart of you, the all of you that you bring forth through your life, thoughts, actions, words, every bit of what you lead your life with and more.