Day: July 11, 2019

Going Beyond Give and Take Through Inner Growth

My heart-felt purpose and hope is to share with you (my lovely readers, amazing people inspiring your higher unlimited potential) through the posting of this content a way to go beyond…In this case a way to go beyond the limits that come from seeing “give and take” in a way that is not neutral, and that instead sits in judgment or duality; or that is brought about in a way that doesn’t add to your life or the life of others; and in a way that doesn’t bring forth the pursuit of inner growth and expansion of one’s self, one’s heart, the unlimited essence and potential of every person that is seeking to bring that potential forth through their unique life experience(s) and heart.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 192 – Raising Your Consciousness To You In Any Moment

Exploring raising your consciousness to you in any moment; how an inner growth journey and mindset help you do this and lead to expansion when dealing with these moments; and why doing this is what brings about transformation to reactions, thought process, ways of life, and more.