Day: July 2, 2019

July 5D ascension energies – time to grow or rise and lead from the heart

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! This month begins with a major shift for those who have been on this 5D ascension journey for a while now. It is time for your light to shine and move forward with what you’re meant to contribute to the world with your leading from the heart. For others it is going to be leading from the heart while continuing to release the denser energies, the duality, the fears, the hurts.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 183 – The Grey Area Advice To Watch Out For

Exploring the grey area advice to watch out for; how to make the best of grey area advice for inner growth and the pursuit of tapping in to your higher potential; how grey area advice can affect you depending on where you are in your inner growth journey; and how your heart leading the way is the only way to ensure grey area advice doesn’t keep you stuck in repeat cycles and patterns that don’t benefit your ascension, awakening to you, or raising of consciousness and expansion.