Month: July 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 212 – Make Every Moment Count

Exploring how to make every moment count through inner growth; what changes happen in your life when you make every moment count; why every moment is important to your inner growth, and also your quality of life and what you want to bring forth; and the higher unlimited potential that comes from living every moment through a raised consciousness and from the heart with unconditional love for self and others.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 211 – Working Through Your Thought Process With Patience Is Key

Exploring how working through your thought process with patience is key; the way inner growth brings your attention to your thought process and the ability to work with it and to the patience that you can add from the heart; why patience is so important for you to work through your thought process; and how this is an ongoing process because only you can consistently choose to work through your thought processes and bring forth patience in the moment to continue the transformation you’ve chosen for yourself.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 210 – Why Raise Your Consciousness Through Inner Growth

Exploring why raise your consciousness through inner growth; what it means to your quality of life and personal development; the different levels of inner growth and how they raise your consciousness; how raising your consciousness has to do with working with your mind; the psychological, human aspects of this idea of consciousness; and how the state of consciousness you are in raises in time once you’ve chosen to pursue exploring it in all its aspects (from that human mind place that can be conceptualized by you in ways that make sense because you’re using your thought process to explore it).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 209 – The Depths Of Your Inner Child’s Wounds

Exploring the depths of your inner child’s wounds; how to bring forth healing from the heart continuously as you process and get to the depths of them in time; what ways inner growth helps you through this exploration, uncovering, raising your consciousness to them in the moment and bring forth that unconditional love and neutrality to transform the wounds into sacred ones, loving ones; how your inner child wounds with love become something unique that you then share with the world and others who hold similar wounds; and ultimately, the beauty of these wounds as part of your life experience and experiences moving forward, for as much as initially (before your inner growth exploration of them) they were filled with plenty of hurt.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 208 – Clearing Away Confusion From The Heart

Exploring clearing away confusion from the heart; why it’s important to work with confusion from the heart; the difference it makes to use your heart as your guide in clearing away confusion; the different feelings and reasons confusion arises, and why it starts at the heart, and it always finds the answer from the heart to clear away the confusion that is at hand.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 207 – Doubt Makes You Make A Choice

Exploring how doubt makes you make a choice; where there is doubt there is certainty because through inner growth you seek your answer(s) to doubt; how by raising your consciousness to the things that are bringing doubt you can have a heart-to-heart talk to remove doubt from within, from your heart, through your inner self, the essence of you and bring it forth in your life leading you to having made a choice; and how (and why) you always have the answer to any doubt within you already.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 206 – Why Love Is An Antidote To Pretty Much Everything

Exploring why love is an antidote to pretty much everything; how inner growth gets you to access that love endlessly; why this love is unconditional towards yourself and others; what role your inner conflicts and day-to-day struggles have in bringing forth love and helping you to access the power it holds for your life and unlimited potential; and the difference between a love mindset or lack of love mindset.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 205 – Removing What’s Blocking Your Higher Potential

Exploring removing what’s blocking your higher potential; the one solution to removing any and all blocks; how the situations that arise in your life get you to bring the blocks to your consciousness so you can release them; how inner growth accompanies this ongoing journey that raises your higher potential; and why this expansion also brings more in your day-to-day life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 204 – Stop Limiting Yourself and Others Through Judgement

Exploring how to stop limiting yourself and others through judgement; why judgements without raising your consciousness to them are limiting; the limiting cycles that come from judgement without awareness; and how it’s about expanding what you see, believe, include in your thoughts, etc.; when you’re ready from the heart to remove the limits that come from judgement.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 203 – Gaining A True Sense Of Security

Exploring gaining a true sense of security; what a true sense of security entails; the day-to-day inner growth that accompanies this process; the different things you are brought to explore in life that involve your sense of security; and the continuous opportunities you have to gain this true sense of security from deep within you, from the heart, through the essence of life you are and want to be in your life and the life of others.