Month: June 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 181 – Standing Strong From Within

Exploring standing strong from within; what this means when faced with challenges to what you stand strong in; how inner growth gets you to find that within on what you stand for; why raising your consciousness to you and excluding the external as your strength is important; what it means to rely on solely your heart; and how bringing that heart forward to all that you stand for will create an unbreakable strength from within you that no one will ever be able and take away.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 180 – Commit From A Loving Place

Exploring committing from a loving place; what it means to commit from a loving place; how your inner growth journey gets you to explore this commitment from the heart and lead you to making the choice of where you want to commit from and if you’re truly committing or not; and how your awaking to you and your heart is what will lead you to always commit from a loving place.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 179 – Finding The Courage To Stand Alone

Exploring finding the courage to stand alone; how inner growth is the way to obtaining the inner courage that lasts in time, that leads you to stand strong alone consistently and with unconditional love for all in the forefront; what this means for inner growth if you have the courage and what it means if you don’t, but are willing to find it; and how it’s always a choice to find the courage to stand alone from the heart for something you believe in.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 178 – Rising Above Repeat Patterns That Hold You Back

Exploring rising above repeat patterns that hold you back; what ways you’ll explore these patterns depending on where you are with your inner growth journey; what these repeat patterns can look like (using the example of expectations); and why it’s always about your ultimate choice of going within, raising your consciousness to you, and choosing growth, expansion, unlimited or the opposite.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 177 – Consciously Choosing The Life You Want To Lead

Exploring consciously choosing the life you want to lead; what this means in essence and in practical terms; how inner growth leads you on this path everyday through how you approach all life events; what heart has to do with this choice; and how life will bring you to continuously make a choice that leads to heart and trust on a conscious level.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 176 – What It Takes To Combat Fear

Exploring what it takes to combat fear; how inner growth has a role; how your heart and unconditional love have a role; and why only you can make the ultimate choice of living with fear or living with heart, even heart towards fear because of what choices it will continue to bring you to make in the life you lead.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 175 – Love Yourself and Others For Who They Are

Exploring how to love yourself and others for who they are; why this is important and a part of your inner growth journey; what it means to love this way and how unconditional love plays a role; the non-tangible aspects of life and the things that bring you to contemplating loving self and others unconditionally; and what this means to you being able to tap in to your higher unlimited potential.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 174 – Accepting With Heart Means Many Things

Exploring how accepting with heart means many things; a look at what these “many things” can be with inner growth in mind along the acceptance that comes from the heart; how accepting with heart for real and at the deepest level is a journey that you take when you’re completely conscious of you, your heart, your inner core, and all that is you with honesty on all matters; and what you can expect at the different inner growth levels with this acceptance from the heart on the different things that there will be to consciously choose on along your inner growth journey.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 173 – We Are The Opportunity For Love To Be The Way

Exploring how we are the opportunity for love to be the way; how inner growth leads you down the path to love in all aspects (starting with self) and to raise your consciousness to the choice(s) you’re making in any moment of your life, through any conflict or struggle, through all joys and harmonious moments, etc.; what it means to believe in love from the depths of you, for real, and from the bottom of your heart in moments of joy and pain; and how you are the opportunity in all of your life moments for love to be the way in the world by living as an example of love at all times.