Day: May 27, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 147 – You Are An Expression Of Life, Don’t Let Others Define You

Exploring how you are an expression of life and why you shouldn’t, ever, let others define you; a closer look at how when others define you it is the starting point of your inner growth journey if you are choosing growth instead of conflict; how this choice brings you to pursue an in-depth look at the expression of life you want to be and want to share with humanity; why unconditional love and neutrality always play a role in the continuous choices you make as you pursue your own definition of you, while being grateful for the expansion that comes from those who continue to define you in ways that get you to go within, find your unique definition from the heart, and bring it forth with all the love in the world to make the expression of life you are a reality in your unique way, with your heart-felt and life loving definitions.