Day: May 17, 2019

May 5D ascension energies

A beautiful day ~ photo by FNM

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As with every month’s 5D ascension energies, planetary movements, new moon and full moon energies, not to mention where you’re personally at with your ascension journey; many different things could be taking place, as well as strong emotional moments.  Everything you’re going through when embraced from your loving-wiser self will add to your life in a way that brings inner growth, raising of consciousness, and expansion of the essence of you from the heart and into this world through the things you do.  The main theme for May seems to be bringing forth what you have learned up to now.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 137 – Vulnerability, Learning and Applying Through Inner Growth

Exploring vulnerability, learning and applying through inner growth; how this self-discovery journey affects your life not only in areas of vulnerability, but also in the expansion of your life consciousness; why it’s important to recognize the information learned up to the moment you consciously choose to go within, to awaken to you, your inner core, the essence of you; and how the never-ending ways application takes place adds to the inner growth journey, personal development path, and ascension to bring forth your heart’s pure love and life in all that you are, say and do.