Month: May 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 151 – Being Open To All Possibilities

Exploring being open to all possibilities; how only through limits can you consciously make a choice between openness to all or not; why this contemplation and awakening comes from within (from your inner core and heart, the essence of you); how inner growth is part of this raising of consciousness and choice; and what difference it has in your life (quality of life and pursuits) when you choose to be open to all possibilities from the heart for yourself and the world.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 150 – A Little Bit Of Everything Inner Growth Related

Exploring various inner growth related topics; the self-love and empowerment it brings; dealing with new things and familiarization of the new with an open heart and an inner growth mindset; the amazing journey you uncover through inner growth and how it improves your quality of life; why neutrality in duality is so important to tapping in to your unlimited potential, a higher quality of life, and an abundance of unconditional love for the world and humanity; and how it’s always a choice to pursue inner growth or not, and the difference between the two choices.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 149 – What Words Of Wisdom Do You Share With Your Younger Self

Exploring what words of wisdom do you share with your younger self; how what you share with yourself as an adult reveals so much about the heart of the matter; why inner growth gets you to grow abundance of self-love and how this is reflected in the words you share with yourself, the words you share with others, and how you go about living life; the benefits of having these conversations from time to time; how to notice where hurt is still present and in need of your love and exploration; and what difference it makes to bring forth neutrality with unconditional love and knowledge of the learning that life brings forth through its challenges and your raising of consciousness to the fact that you choose self-love and love for humanity, you choose the expression of life you want to live and be in the world.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 148 – Getting Rid Of The Mask That Hides The Real You

maria florio inspiring human potential inner growth

Exploring getting rid of the mask that hides the real you; how inner growth gets you to create your own mask combining the essence of you with the world around you to have harmony in both and share this gained knowledge and peace with others without fear; why it’s only through understanding the mask’s purpose that you can embrace it in a way that will express the unlimitedness of you, the heart of you, along with the heart of humanity, the humanity you see and want to bring forth; in what ways this never-ending journey of inner awakening and expansion brings you to face every mask from the heart, with curiosity, and make peace with the hurt; and how even though it’s challenging to go through the layers and numbers of masks, you are able to raise your consciousness to that next level every time more and grow inner love and outer love.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 147 – You Are An Expression Of Life, Don’t Let Others Define You

Exploring how you are an expression of life and why you shouldn’t, ever, let others define you; a closer look at how when others define you it is the starting point of your inner growth journey if you are choosing growth instead of conflict; how this choice brings you to pursue an in-depth look at the expression of life you want to be and want to share with humanity; why unconditional love and neutrality always play a role in the continuous choices you make as you pursue your own definition of you, while being grateful for the expansion that comes from those who continue to define you in ways that get you to go within, find your unique definition from the heart, and bring it forth with all the love in the world to make the expression of life you are a reality in your unique way, with your heart-felt and life loving definitions.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 146 – How To Go Beyond The Box

Exploring how to go beyond the box; a couple of things to identify the box and remove it so that you may go beyond it; what inner growth comes with this inner work and acknowledgement of boxes; how the absence of any box wouldn’t allow expansion; and the relationship between human limits and the construct of boxes to surpass time and time again.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 145 – In Anything There’s A Give and Take

Exploring how in anything there’s a give and take; what inner growth helps you find out about this give and take dynamic; how neutrality plays a role; and why self-awareness of quantification and other inner judgements or opinions also need to be taken in to account so that you may find a unique balance in all give and take scenarios.

May ascension energies 5D ground yourself

Inner Growth Inspiring Human Potential Daring To Think The Unthinkable With Love In Your Heart For All

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! I don’t know about you, but the past couple days have been intense on the 5D ascension energies front.  I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me feeling these energies, Facebook groups talking about it, and myself feeling it on my body (ascension flu symptoms, I believe is the correct term).  I wanted to share the angelic messages I got from asking a set of my Oracle Cards (the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue) and the card that came up was Ground Yourself and Go For It.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 144 – The Hopefulness Of Your Inner Child

Exploring the hopefulness of your inner child; remembering how it feels to wish upon a star and know your dreams will come true because you believe in them from the heart; the amazing transformations you can pursue thanks to your inner child accompanied with your choice of inner growth, awakening to you, your inner core, heart, and essence; and why sharing love to all like a child does also has its place in this hopefulness from the heart that leads you to your unlimited potential every day through your conscious choosing of it and what you see for you and the world.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 143 – Removing Self-Doubt By Finding The Leader Within

Exploring removing self-doubt by finding the leader within; how the inner growth mindset and process, when on such a journey, get you to accomplish self-leadership and grow your sense of security; how unconditional love plays a role in doing this from the depths of your heart and being (the essence of you); and why there’s a difference when you follow your heart to remove self-doubt versus following a checklist that isn’t in complete harmony within you.