Day: March 10, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 69 – Reworking Partnerships For The Best Outcome From The Heart

Exploring reworking partnerships for the best outcome from the heart; why this is so challenging and how inner growth helps to replace the challenges with learning, and giving you the way to find solutions for the best outcome from your heart, from the pureness of your heart and the essence of you (thanks to inner growth getting you to raise your consciousness to you, to getting to know the inner you below the surface, your filters and/or contemplating all the depths of you to see through everything before making a final decision); how reworking partnerships with your inner core and voice in the forefront helps you to establish better partnerships with existing and/or new partners (work or personal); and what makes this process unique in bringing forth more of the unlimited options and potential you have for pursuing a quality of life that leads with your heart, inner core, and life purpose in the lead.