Day: March 3, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 62 – Transitioning To A High Quality Of Life

Exploring transitioning to a high quality of life through inner growth; how quality of life is centered around emotions (consciously and unconsciously); why raising your consciousness to your emotions, to your inner core, to the essence of you is what leads to a high quality of life and how this completely changes your life in all areas; in what ways inner growth gets you to see the benefits that come from all your life choices; how this switch in mindset, in what you see and explore through inner growth gets you to uncover more of your life purpose from within, identify it completely and bring it forth practically in your life; and how there is never an end to how much more you can bring to the quality of your life, from the heart and in your day-to-day, through the things you do, the relationships you build and grow, the heart-felt practice you want to bring forth or the spiritual-based practice you’re running as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and want to grow, and so much more.