Day: March 2, 2019

March 5D ascension energies

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As with every new step in the process of ascension, each month and 5D energy event brings with it another phase to understand, transform consciously with love from your heart, and decide what your truth is about this life experience and overall ascension/awakening topic. March is no different, and the March 5D ascension energies coming our way involve more inner growth experiences to help us bring forward our wise-loving self’s ideas to this reality we live each day, to this earthly world we are a part of, and that we want to assist in with its 5D transformation, for the earth and humanity as a whole.

Inner Growth Brings Neutrality In Duality

The process of inner growth brings neutrality in duality because the journey and mindset that come with it bring forth a focus on within (your inner core and heart, the essence of you) and of how the external is an opportunity to gain knowledge of your within thanks to its opposing characteristics to something related to your within and the unique situation at hand.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 61 – Finding Joy In The Unknown

Exploring finding joy in the unknown; how the inner growth process & journey get you to go deep within to find your joy for the unknown that you’re dealing with as part of the human condition existentialists have thoroughly talked about throughout the years of humanity’s history; what the unknown can be depending on your choice of focus; why there are no quick fixes to the fears of the unknown; & how thanks to making a switch in mindset you are able to take the step-by-step journey that brings you complete harmony of the essence of you and its ability to unfold unlimitedly through the exploration you go through every time you face the unknown.