Day: February 28, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 59 – Overcoming Fear and Trusting Your Heart-felt Ideas Through Inner Growth

Exploring overcoming fear and trusting your heart-felt ideas through inner growth; in what ways your journey within gets you to express the essence of you in the things you do; how inner growth gets you to understand the foundation of your fear from a human perspective and a manageable one that also shows you the different solutions you hold within just by following your heart on those things; how growing trust of your heart-felt ideas can only happen by having a contrast/opposite to contemplate consciously, with awareness of the depths of you, your decision (to trust you or not); and how as you see the neutrality in duality of all things, you grow that gratitude towards what you let go of (that isn’t heart-felt or in tune with you), which allows you to appreciate it as you remove the fear, block, limit to your unlimited potential in bringing forth your heart-felt ideas to life.