Day: February 22, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 53 – Getting Unstuck Means You Have To Believe You Can

Exploring how getting unstuck means you have to believe you can; the in-depth search that inner growth gets you to pursue when it comes to the “believe you can” part; why only if you repeatedly face the question and do the inner exploration/learning can you arrive at your inner core’s true answers and remove/make peace with all that is keeping you stuck; a look at the processes of getting unstuck in different situations and at different times throughout your life and your inner growth journey; and how to know/identify (consciously/through awareness) in the moment when you feel stuck, what the fear component is and/or what the desired outcome is; and also, the power you hold within (at your inner core, in your heart) to stay open, learn, and see that you are not stuck, but instead that you have an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to bring forth your unlimited potential, and to consistently pursue this higher potential with love in your heart and life as your guide.