Day: February 15, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 46 – How To Break Free and Move Forward Through Inner Growth

Exploring how to break free and move forward through inner growth; why as you discover that the world around you doesn’t have to define you for you to express the full essence of you in it and to be a part of it, you are finally able to break free from those world-defined limits and old habits that keep you from unleashing your unlimited potential and heart-driven purpose; how this expanded approach and mindset gets you to also appreciate all that comes your way, hold that neutrality in duality perspective, openness and learning in all that comes by, and raising your consciousness to this appreciation in the moment; and how it is through an inner growth mindset that you bring forth the heart of you the essence of you because you no longer silence it, but instead you learn about it and start embracing your power for transformation, self-love, unconditional love for all, and the pursuit of what you feel from your heart is your unique purpose of existence.