Day: February 3, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 34 – Understanding Forgiveness and Neutrality For Your Inner Peace

Exploring understanding forgiveness and neutrality for your inner peace; how your inner growth journey brings you to understand the role neutrality can have in forgiveness; why forgiveness is necessary if you are going to pursue inner growth and your higher potential; what happens when you process the emotions that are taking place as you explore forgiveness for your inner peace; how the pursuit of an inner growth mindset to help you achieve neutrality in duality makes it easier to see the whole picture and why all humanity deserves compassion, forgiveness, neutrality from the heart, the essence of you; and how you always choose if you want to bring forth forgiveness and neutrality without losing your inner core, but simply expanding your consciousness and awareness to see more, understand other perspectives, and dynamics; all things you are closed off from when not including forgiveness and neutrality within your perspective.