Month: February 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 59 – Overcoming Fear and Trusting Your Heart-felt Ideas Through Inner Growth

Exploring overcoming fear and trusting your heart-felt ideas through inner growth; in what ways your journey within gets you to express the essence of you in the things you do; how inner growth gets you to understand the foundation of your fear from a human perspective and a manageable one that also shows you the different solutions you hold within just by following your heart on those things; how growing trust of your heart-felt ideas can only happen by having a contrast/opposite to contemplate consciously, with awareness of the depths of you, your decision (to trust you or not); and how as you see the neutrality in duality of all things, you grow that gratitude towards what you let go of (that isn’t heart-felt or in tune with you), which allows you to appreciate it as you remove the fear, block, limit to your unlimited potential in bringing forth your heart-felt ideas to life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 58 – Staying Connected To Our Humanity Through Inner Growth

Exploring staying connected to our humanity through inner growth; how this journey is set with the foundation of looking to the external to learn about your inner self, your inner core, your heart, the essence of you; why this realization and learning mindset gets you to stay connected, but also have unconditional love grow in time towards all (external, system, society); how your humanity brings you to contemplate opposites, neutrality in duality, and the importance of an inner growth mindset if you’re going to tap in to this truth from your heart to make a conscious choice from within, with what resonates with your inner core, the essence of you; and why without our humanity there would be no inner growth, no life consciousness or life experiences and choices to contemplate or make at all.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 57 – Making The Best When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Exploring making the best when things don’t go as planned; how inner growth gets you to make the best by learning from any situation, planned or unplanned; why being in a state of awareness of your inner core and heart helps this process; what comes from this expanded exploration of handling things you are so invested in that don’t go as planned; and the huge difference it makes for you in your day-to-day life, as an individual and/or an entrepreneur.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 56 – I Am Who I Am Through Inner Growth Goes Beyond What You Think

Exploring how “I am who I am” through inner growth goes beyond what you think; the transformation that takes place as you pursue this inner exploration; the choices that you get to evaluate in your awareness of who you are from your inner core, from your heart, that is the essence of you; and the continuous unlimited potential you can tap in to and keep pursuing as you switch to an inner growth mindset in your “I am who I am” feeling, actions, and thought process.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 55 – Let Yourself Shine By Being You

Exploring why it’s only by being you that you let yourself shine; the challenge people face with this and how inner growth helps those challenges become the opportunities that get you to start shining; how the inner growth process brings you to uncover and embrace the true you from the heart; why gaining this type of mindset allows for continued growth and pursuit of the in-depth knowledge of your inner core, of consciously deciding whether you’re going to trust it to lead you or not, and if you’re going to use it to pursue your life; and how uncovering and letting go of limits that hold you back thanks to this inner growth mindset, brings about further expansion of your potential as you let yourself shine by being you in the things you do.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 54 – Your Path To Enlightenment Lies Within

Exploring how and why your path to enlightenment lies within; in what ways inner growth gets you on the path to enlightenment from within; why it’s important for you to acknowledge all that is a part of you consciously and not put it aside; how as long as other things define your path and not your inner core you can’t begin to become enlightened in a way that leads to the expansion of you and tapping in to the unlimited potential you hold from the heart; why leading your enlightenment is a choice and a choice that leads you to being solo along the journey, but never really alone; and why facing fears is what will lead you to become aware of the choice you have regarding your path to enlightenment.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 53 – Getting Unstuck Means You Have To Believe You Can

Exploring how getting unstuck means you have to believe you can; the in-depth search that inner growth gets you to pursue when it comes to the “believe you can” part; why only if you repeatedly face the question and do the inner exploration/learning can you arrive at your inner core’s true answers and remove/make peace with all that is keeping you stuck; a look at the processes of getting unstuck in different situations and at different times throughout your life and your inner growth journey; and how to know/identify (consciously/through awareness) in the moment when you feel stuck, what the fear component is and/or what the desired outcome is; and also, the power you hold within (at your inner core, in your heart) to stay open, learn, and see that you are not stuck, but instead that you have an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to bring forth your unlimited potential, and to consistently pursue this higher potential with love in your heart and life as your guide.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 52 – Own Your Power and You Won’t Have To Struggle For It

Exploring how when you own your power through inner growth, you won’t have to struggle for it; in what ways your inner journey brings you to own your power; what this process looks like and the different levels it can take; as well as the continuous transformation that takes place in your life as you tap in to more of your unlimited potential and bring it forth thanks to your inner growth journey bringing you to own through awareness the inner power you hold, but that you simply hadn’t had access to prior to your awakening to it and paying attention to your heart through inner exploration by active choosing from you.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 51 – Give Yourself The Approval You Want From Others

Exploring what it means to give yourself the approval you want from others and why it’s so important to you being able to tap in to your higher potential, empower yourself, discover more of your heart, as well as be able to finally bring it forth too through your actions, what you do and feel; how inner growth gets you to give yourself approval in all and towards all from the heart; why this journey enables you to also then share that same approval you were denied to others that you support along their inner growth journey; and how at the end of the day, approval from your inner core, heart, the essence of you, in the things you do and the life you lead matters the most, even in the absence of you consciously being aware of it, the difference takes place when you finally awaken to it, take ownership of it and bring it forth in all that you do and are from the heart.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 50 – The Transformation That Happens When You Bring Love To Pain

Exploring the transformation that happens when you bring love to pain; how inner growth gets you going with the process and consciously choosing from the heart every step of the way; why this makes a huge difference in your day-to-day and overall life; what different options you have and how inner growth gets you to see these objectively with yourself from a neutral place and your heart, and in the absence of judgement; and why unconditional love towards yourself and all transforms pain into something you will be able to stay open to, learn from, and bring forth more unconditional love in your life and the life of others through your experiences in dealing with it from this place of love and inner growth.