Day: January 26, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 26 – Going Beyond Belief Systems and Perspectives Through Inner Growth

Exploring going beyond belief systems and perspectives through inner growth; what it means to take complete ownership of your chosen potential in life; why neutrality gets you to look at limits in a way that allows you to have an honest conversation with yourself from the heart on whether or not you believe there is unlimited always; how important the words you choose to use with the unknown can bring forth unlimited and awareness of when your belief system or perspective are creating limits, which you can pursue to remove with that raising of consciousness that comes from your inner growth journey and pursuit of your unlimited potential based from your inner core, your heart, the essence of you in life, in action; and how the expansion of your inner growth journey becomes ongoing and in continuous transformation as you choose to go beyond those things you recognize are holding you back from expansion, from the unlimited options you have to choose from, and that only come when you’re able to always look beyond what you see at first with your beliefs and perspectives thanks to having conscious awareness of them.