Day: January 20, 2019

January super blood full moon lunar eclipse 5D ascension energies (UPDATED)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

For now, I’m making a short post to support anyone who has been feeling the ascension energies from the Eclipse Full Moon January 20/21, or as others have been calling it the Super Blood Moon Eclipse for January 20-21 or super blood wolf moon and lunar eclipse (to see the eclipse here’s a link with the times). Now for the ascension energies, so those inner growth opportunities that come up, raising of consciousness, ascension symptoms, life events that you face, and more; as always, I have some very useful sources that can share tidbits on different aspects of the event (spirituality, personal growth, astrology) and what you may be going through in these past days and week leading up to the event.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 20 – Experience, Awareness, and Knowing

Exploring experience, awareness, and knowing through inner growth; what does this look like from a personal growth perspective; how does it play out in where you’re at in your inner growth journey, most importantly what do you get to uncover about you and your unlimited potential in each step of the different levels of this inner growth journey; and how does your mindset play a fundamental role in everything, as well as how far you’ll go.