Day: January 5, 2019

January 5D ascension energies new moon solar eclipse

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

Another month ahead with amazing ascension energies around, astrological events such as today’s new moon solar eclipse, and all the emotional and physical events this process, these ascension energies, can take and in different ways depending on where you’re at in your inner growth, awakening, ascension, 5d life journey or however else you call this raising of consciousness, expansion of you, experience that you’re going through.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 5 – Dealing With Feeling Unwanted

Exploring dealing with feeling unwanted; the different ways your inner growth journey allows you to replace unwanted with wanted and unconditional love from within; how uncovering your inner core conflicts through your exploration of feeling unwanted gets you to bring forth permanent solutions that keep you in a state of harmony and continuous inner growth that brings forth more and more of your unlimited potential; and why thanks to pursuing inner growth and raising your consciousness to your inner core (heart, the essence of you) in the moment you are able to no longer be destabilized by such situations, but instead always in a learning and expanding mode.