Day: December 8, 2018

December 7 new moon 5D ascension energies, December 22 full moon and 5D ascension energies (UPDATED)

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!
Another share to assist you throughout this amazing 5D ascension energies of December and overall journey we’re all on (and share sources with additional helpful inputs and shares)! I’m going to cover a bit about the energies and situations brought about by the new moon on December 7, also include sources for the upcoming full moon on December 22, and FYI, yes, I’ll probably have another update to the blog as the full moon approaches, just not today.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 342 – You Can Do This, You Are Unlimited Potential

Acknowledging from deep within and with all your being that you can do anything you set your mind to when it comes to inner growth, finding your inner harmony, pursuing your dreams, and bringing forth the unlimited potential you are is an amazing journey that will lead you to a life you will awe at every day more.