Day: November 21, 2018

Full moon November 23 and November 5D ascension energies after 11 11 11

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!
Another full moon is almost here, and although I wrote a bit about it and the ascension energies that come with it in the previous blog post (November new moon, full moon and 5D ascension energies (UPDATED)), it is deserving of another blog post because we’ve also had the opening of (what some call, but I’m sure it’s not the only way they refer to this) the angelic gateway on November 11, 2018 (11 11 11), which brings in new things to go through, experience.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 325 – The Importance Of Inner Growth In Communication

The importance of inner growth in communication is something you discover in time; and as it becomes more present in your awareness (in the moment), you learn to use it in a way that benefits your personal growth, as well as the growth of your relationships (both personal and professional).