Month: October 2018

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 302 – Knowing Who You Are From The Heart

Knowing who you are from the heart can be a bit confusing as your heart receives a lot of external inputs (society’s opinions, family judgements, etc.) that veil it from your consciousness. Therefore, being aware of the deep answer to the question of who you are (that crosses everybody’s mind from time to time) is not as straightforward as you’d think.

October full moon and 5D ascension energies

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

October’s full moon energies continue to bring us the 5D earth ascension energy expansion situations that we’ve been experiencing throughout the month of October (and for some time now). It’s all about inner growth and coming to be the higher potential you know you are, that you feel is a part of you, and that is meant to come forward as you raise your consciousness and release the denser energies that keep you from doing so.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 297 – Bringing Essence and Form Together Through Inner Growth

Bringing essence and form together through inner growth has its challenges; particularly, at the beginning of the journey. In time though, as you uncover more of your inner core, it gets easier.