Month: June 2018

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 181 – Living The Moment Even When Planning

No matter if you’re a planner or a non-planner, living the moment is something you can pursue as you explore how and why you plan or don’t plan. As inner growth and consciousness take place of your “why’s”, you are able to live the moment thanks to the knowledge gained on the “mechanism” of the way you work when it comes to organization, time, project completions, and so on.


Inner Growth Thought of The Day 180 – Exploring Decisiveness vs Close-Mindedness

As you pursue inner growth you learn to differentiate between decisiveness and close-mindedness thanks to the exploration that takes place of the reasons behind your decisions. Becoming more in tune with your inner core (heart) makes it so that you become decisive in the choices you make, while remaining open to others without taking away from the knowledge that your choices fit your journey and chosen path even when others may think otherwise.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 179 – Letting Go Of Fixing and Embracing Acceptance From The Heart

As you pursue inner growth and the potential you feel from within, the encounters of those who are having a challenging time with this can sometimes lead you to want to “fix” this, to show the way to others towards the amazing journey you’re on that you know could benefit them.

June’s full moon and the 5D ascension energies

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Another month has almost passed, and we are at another amazing full moon (June 28). I’m sure you’ve been feeling the different energies coming in as our earth goes through it’s amazing transformation and with the events that amplify this, such as full moons.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 178 – People Can Get To You and Remove Your Focus If You Let Them

As you go about your life, you encounter many situations and people that can get to you and in doing so that focus of where you want to be or what you want to do can be disrupted. However, you’re focus depends on you and so in these moments you can look inward and keep that focus or allow the external to distract you.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 177 – The Expansion Of You Through Inner Growth

The things that affect our expansion in the potential we want to achieve through inner growth are many. As you pursue inner exploration, openness and a learning mindset, you allow yourself to use these many things in favor of expansion instead of the opposite.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 176 – Knowing Your Decision Process

Knowing your decision process requires you to pay attention to the mechanisms that take place every time you are faced with a decision. In time you gain knowledge of that process and through inner growth you can pursue ways that you want to add to that process.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 175 – Tuning In To Your Heart’s Wisdom

Tuning in to your heart’s wisdom is one of the most amazing parts of an inner growth journey. Because you are focused on tuning in to your inner core as you begin this personal growth discovery and the pursuit of all that you feel you are from within, the wisdom your heart shares will become clearer and clearer.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 174 – Your Thoroughness Makes A Difference

When it comes to thoroughness it makes a huge difference in your inner growth journey because it is what leads you to going more in depth on all the parts of you that you want to uncover as you pursue expressing your full potential and leading from the heart.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 173 – Complete Trust In You

When it comes to completely trusting in you, it requires the time for you to ask questions of those things you don’t “trust” in you. With time you gain more answers and with inner exploration you gain awareness of what is keeping you from trusting you.