Inner Growth Thought of The Day 96 – Expanded Awareness

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 96 – Expanded Awareness

April 6

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Expanded Awareness


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Expanded awareness is something that grows as you pursue inner growth and embrace life experiences.


As you gain more perspectives, you see more of yourself and of the world around you.  This expanded awareness gets you to ask more questions, venture into new modes of thinking, and acquire a more in-depth view of the world around you.


Here are some ways to keep expanded awareness in the forefront.


  1. When you are thinking about how you would like a situation to play out, try to list two or three things that go beyond what you consider feasible. If you need a boost of creativity try talking to people you know who have a completely opposite mindset from yours.


  1. Look back to the transformation that has taken place on two to three things you’ve believed in all your life and make note of how your awareness of those things has expanded over time.


  1. Define what expanded awareness means to you and every year decide how you’re going to try expanding yours a bit more.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊