Inner Growth Thought of The Day 65 – The Backstory To Help You Break Free

March 6

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: The Backstory To Help You Break Free


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The “complex” nature of human behavior, thoughts, feelings, existence (“complex” because varied in its components and multi-faceted, as well as multi-layered) is everything you explore when embarking on an inner growth journey.


Acknowledging and finding out about these different topics, following your heart and curiosity as you learn more, will all lead you in a direction that helps you to gain the most in-depth knowledge of you, your inner self and heart, as well as why you do the things you do and how you can work with yourself when those things seem to be holding you back from expressing your full self.


Here are some ways to keep learning and curiosity in the forefront of your inner growth journey.


  1. Every time you get frustrated at yourself or at someone ask why. Along with the answer you provide yourself, ask a follow up question that brings you to explore through thought and/or active research the different components to your initial answer.


  1. Whenever you have the chance in a day, bring to mind one of your most memorable feelings and memories from childhood. As you bring it to mind, associate three adjectives to it and why it is such an important event to you.


  1. Any time there’s a sense of confusion about something (a feeling, a thought, etc.) take a step back to identify what is confusing you as if you were assisting a loved one to gain clarity of this confusion.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊