Inner Growth Thought of The Day 44 – What’s Empowering

February 13

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: What’s Empowering


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When you think of what’s empowering in your life many things come to mind, but there’s one thing that empowers you more than any other; and it’s the same thing that gives you stability or takes it away from you. What’s empowering is YOU.


Yes, you are the answer to feeling and being empowered beyond compare to anything else.  It’s because you are the answer to any of your problems (since you are the one looking for the solutions), you decide whether or not to tune in to you heart, and you make the choice of what you want to focus on and what weight, importance, and attention you want to give to something.


Here are some ways to tap into you, so that you may bring about those empowering moments at any time.


  1. Make a mental list of when you feel empowered; next notice the common feeling in all those moments, as well as your state of being regarding yourself (for example feeling very sure of yourself or the situation).


  1. Define what empowering means to you with the attributes of feelings and when you are in a moment of need bring your attention to those feelings.


  1. In those moments when you need to feel empowered what is the common thought on your role in whatever is going on. Whatever it is you’re putting on you (“blaming on yourself”), have a pep talk and let it go. Remember to be kind to yourself and help yourself learn what it is that you needed to learn in that moment so that the experience may add to your empowering yourself in future moments like these.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊