Inner Growth Thought of The Day 37 – Are You In Or Are You Out?

February 6

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Are You In Or Are You Out?


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Questions are very helpful to uncovering things that aren’t so obvious or readily available.  Kids learn by asking questions and asking yourself if you are in or out: when you’re making a decision, choosing a life path, thinking of a belief you have, and so on; is one of those questions that will get you to do just that.


To explore the choices you make, the life vision you have, your goals, affirmations and all that is part of your inner growth journey (going in-depth) is how you will uncover more about you, those things that need to be resolved to move forward; and know about the things that will lead you more and more to where you want to go. By asking yourself consistently about whether you “are in or out”, you reevaluate and/or reconfirm those commitments and whether or not your heart is in it one-hundred plus percent.


Here are some ways to ask yourself about being “in or out” with a focus on inner growth.


  1. Make a list of the character traits you want to work on for your inner growth and every time you are faced with something that challenges you with that trait pose the question if you are in or out and follow up with details until you are satisfied with the answer.


  1. Whenever you doubt a choice or thought you make, ask yourself if you are in or out and pay close attention to the feelings you have (particularly your heart and gut). Any unclear or uneasiness is a sign that you need to keep digging to find your ideal answer.


  1. When you notice a contradiction in something you do and say, ask yourself if you are in or out when it comes to this something that you’re not following through with and listen to what your heart expresses regarding the answer you give yourself.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊