Inner Growth Thought of The Day 13 – Not Feeling Rushed

January 13

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Not Feeling Rushed


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Feeling rushed is something that comes from day-to-day routines such as meeting deadlines for a job or school projects, catching a bus or planning an event in a certain timeframe, and so on.  These “deadlines” start at a very young age and get us feeling rushed or in a hurry without really thinking about it; it all becomes this “set mode” of sorts, an unconscious “rushed or hurried” gear that gets put into place with anything we do.


When you focus on things like your body and breathing you become aware of this automatic rushed and hurried feeling mode. Maybe it’s a slight tenseness in your shoulders or being out of breath because you’re holding it in some moments.  With a physical awareness you can start working with yourself on releasing the rush feeling.  Then you also want to look inward, at your mindset on the things you do day-to-day.


Here are some ways that can help you learn about how you relate to your day-to-day tasks and not only add to your inner growth journey through this self-exploration, but also get out of the rushed mode feeling.


  1. Find out what your relationship is to time and deadlines in how you think about them, but also how your body feels when you think about time and deadlines.


  1. Relax your body every time you notice it tensing up in situations where time and deadlines or day-to-day activities bring a feeling of rigidity.


  1. In those moments pay attention to your breathing and make sure it is a continuous flow.  Applying the breathing they tend to teach in meditation or yoga classes is probably ideal to take a look at and apply.


PS Here’s a video that helped me as I worked on my breathing (it’s in two parts and not related to feeling rushed, but there’s a breathing technique Dr. Watkins talks about and gives an example of, which is why I’m sharing it): TEDxPortsmouth – Dr. Alan Watkins – Being Brilliant Every Single Day (Part 1) and TEDxPortsmouth – Dr. Alan Watkins – Being Brilliant Every Single Day (Part 2).


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊