Inner Growth Thought of The Day 10 – When Evolution Happens

January 10

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: When Evolution Happens


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The evolution of things takes place gradually in our life; whether this evolution involves a project, business growth, inner growth, personal transformation, or a major change in life, and so on.  It is because of the gradual evolution of things that it is challenging to see the role every moment and interaction plays on bringing about the evolution that is going to take place.


As you look back at every component to a situation, personal transformation, business goal, inner growth moment and so on; you notice how every piece of that specific situation contributed to you getting exactly where you needed to be in order for the evolution to finally take place (the frame of mind needed, the perspective needed, the knowledge and awareness you gained in those moments were all needed so that the evolution would come to completion and become a steady component of you and your life moving forward).


Here are some things to help remove the worry, fear and concern that come from not knowing what the evolution will entail as it’s happening.


  1. Any time you think your plan is going astray (something you want to complete, achieve) take a couple minutes (10-15 minutes) to step back and list the things you’ve acquired in favor of your plan in the time that has passed since you started working on it.


  1. With your list handy, find every area that has improved the plan from where you could’ve taken it before the lessons acquired in the time that has passed (this improvement can be anything from your level of preparedness to lead the plan to the results the plan will bring about, to an expansion and gained partnership that was lacking in the beginning).


  1. Every time you think of something as a “waste” of your time find three things you learned from it (whether it is something about yourself, another person, life, and/or a topic).


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊