Inner Growth Thought of The Day 4 – Following Your Logic

January 4

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Following Your Logic


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When it comes to your logic, you may find it to be considered illogical at times by others; but this does not mean that definition needs to be taken as your own truth and application.  Time, history, human evolution, all these things show how those who thought and think outside of the box are those who bring about innovation; not to mention that with time there are changes in human ideologies, knowledge, technological advancements and so on, which are also a part of our human history.


As such, this becomes an indication of the continuous change, transformation, and discovery of new information that takes place on earth.  With this in mind, you should not doubt your logic when it is in sync with you, helps you in life, assists in arriving at goals and objectives.


However, you will face disagreement and challenges by others when it doesn’t fit the “norm” and when this happens you can use this event as an opportunity for inner growth by looking to yourself in a couple of ways.

  1. If doubt arises on your own logic, ask why you should doubt. Make a list of pros and cons from your logic applied to a goal, objective, long-term outcome for your inner harmony and growth.


  1. Next how can your logic work with the world you live in. Visualize it with all the pieces together and how it can be in harmony with you, but also with your coexistence amongst society.


  1. Every time you doubt your logic find out if you’re doubting it because it doesn’t feel right to you or if it’s because of the outside world. To do this, imagine you are alone in the world and what you would do with your logic in that case.  Pay attention to your heart and if it feels perfectly in harmony, you get a warm feeling or like an aha moment, then it is in synergy with you completely.  If you still have doubts, then start asking deeper questions to find out more about the logic, what’s not working for you.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊