Month: January 2018

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 31 – What Is ‘To Be’ To You?

Our journey as individuals entails so much when you think about what it can me ‘to be’. Are you expressing what it means to you ‘to be’ in the things you do, the life you lead, and the choices you make?


Inner Growth Thought of The Day 30 – You’re Not Alone

That feeling that you’re all alone in those challenges you face as you look to reach that happy medium with your heart and life is something that many others feel. I’m sure you recall various conversations you’ve had with others on the topic and how they understood exactly what you meant with that feeling alone.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 29 – A Recurring Challenge

When it comes to one recurring challenge people face in pursuing their highest potential and pursuing inner growth it’s the need of validation for the things they believe in. This is one of the most common reasons why people stay stuck in repeat cycles of unsettled emotions, absence of harmony, and possibility to go all the way with their heart’s desires, life goals.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 28 – Expanded Awareness

As you learn more about yourself, your depth and how much there is to learn about you as you pursue inner growth, there’s also the realization that the world outside of you is just as multi-layered and diverse, and that each perspective counts in the depth and knowledge you can have of everything that is a part of life.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 27 – Reaching Balance

Reaching balance is always an interesting part of the journey we experience as we pursue inner growth. As you become aware of all that is a part of you from within and without (the external), you look to find ways to get all the pieces to fit with your heart and the essence that is you and that you uncover as you look within and find out more about all that you are.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 26 – The Elixir Of Life

What the elixir of life means to you, and what it entails, depends on that which is a part of the essence of life for you and your appreciation for life experiences, as well as what you are grateful for in those moments and in the possibility of living another day.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 25 – Facing Your Demons

There are many things that play a part of working with yourself while getting through a moment when you’re dealing with facing your demons. If you see the demon as something you don’t want, an enemy, or something “bad”; this brings in a lot more weight to the situation; which doesn’t help you gain insights from that life experience (nor are you looking for how to overcome the demon by finding your solution or resolving a hidden insecurity).

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 24 – Shooting For The Stars

The different feelings around the idea of shooting for the stars depend on how you envision shooting for the starts to be, which will also depend on what you consider to be the stars you’re reaching for (a job promotion, a million dollars, the perfect career path, etc.). Add to this, the confusion that can arise from thoughts of doubt or doubt brought by others, or even the possibility of fears stopping you.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 23 – That Feeling Of Disbelief

Your feelings can tell you a lot about your insecurities, wishes and desires. They can also lead you to aha moments and steps forward in the things you want to achieve; and when it comes to that feeling of disbelief, these are definitely some of the things you will gain from being in the moment, appreciating it and contemplating it.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 22 – Things Don’t Happen By Chance

Even though perspective influences what you see when things happen, typically when you look back at all the things that came to be (before that moment when you’re looking back), you find that nothing really seems to have happened by chance. You see how every action taken, how every event, how every part of your past was important for you in becoming who you are today and reaching a place where you could succeed and be complete in what you need to do or want to do or want to be in that moment.