Month: November 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 334 – Significant

Taking a look at everything you find significant in your life brings about inner growth because the reasons behind their importance tell you a lot more about yourself and allow you to make decisions with that knowledge in mind, as well as question your reasons and possibly rethink what significant is to you.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 332 – Unacceptable

Exploring the things you find unacceptable allows you to pursue inner growth as you ask yourself why those things are such and as you look at the transformation that has happened with things that you considered unacceptable at one time in your life, but then changed to acceptable.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 331 – Emotional

Anything you explore that brings about an emotional response leads to inner growth because that emotional response is connected to a deeper you, your questions, answers, unconscious fears, and so on. As you explore your feelings you get to know more about you and through awareness you bring growth, transformation, and full understanding.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 329 – Coincidence

Looking at the coincidences that have happened in your life and how you feel about coincidences overall pursues inner growth because it gets you to explore those situations where your intuition played a role into something that came to be in a physical form. The two together bring your intuitive feelings to a level of awareness that enables you to identify and tune in to those feelings more.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 328 – Supernatural

Exploring your feelings with the supernatural and how you behave when such an event takes place pursues inner growth as this exploration brings you to connect with your intuition and senses at a deeper level than your typical day to day event.

Thanksgiving Special ~ Counting your blessings

As a special podcast episode on this Thanksgiving Day I thought it would be nice to talk about how the holidays remind us to be thankful, give us the opportunity to feel grateful, and how we can also practice this daily from our heart not just in our words or thoughts.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 326 – Inactive

Noticing where you are inactive in your life and your overall relationship with inactive situations gives you the opportunity for inner growth because you learn about why you are inactive in certain moments, as well as if you judge or not being inactive and what that means to you and the feelings that arise in moments of feeling inactive or situations that are inactive.