Month: October 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 294 – Enduring

Whether it’s a feeling or a something or a someone, when you explore those enduring things in your life you gain inner growth through the exploration of these things, their significance to you, the feelings they arise, and the choice of what to keep at or what to transform.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 293 – Understanding

A look at those things, thoughts, people that you have an understanding of and with allows for inner growth because it brings you to explore your thought process, mechanisms, and exploration of that which you don’t have an understanding of or with.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 292 – Listening

Knowing when you’re listening and when you’re not brings about inner growth as you learn to identify yourself within the process and remove yourself so that you may truly hear what is being said and/or identify the veil of you within that which you are listening to.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 291 – Communication

A look at your communication with yourself and others gives you insights into how you process things, talk about them, relate to them, and so on. This analysis gives you the opportunity to pursue inner growth as you look to ways to be able and express the essence of you through your communication.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 287 – Obligation

Exploring how an obligation affects you, what types of obligations are in your life, and how you feel about obligations all bring about inner growth as you become aware of your relationship and emotional connection with obligations. This awareness allows you to make decisions and transformations moving forward, so that you find harmony with your life and your obligations.