Day: October 11, 2017

The thrill of life starts with the small things

When you think about the beauty that is life and the exciting moments that you get to experience, you get that warm feeling inside that lifts you up with the most amazing ecstatic energy. Everyone has a different way of describing it and there are a number of words that we use to try to encompass that overwhelming sense of ecstasy, the essence of life, that we get; one of these includes thrill. The ability to bring it about within us starts with us and recognizing the thrill in the little things.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 284 – Action

A closer look at the things you take action in gives you insight into what you’re investing your time and allows you to be aware of what you do everyday bringing about inner growth by getting you to add things that you want to take action on and/or learn more about the things you already are taking action on.