Month: October 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 304 – Vision

A look at the visions you have from a conscious perspective (meaning how you foresee your life, where your imagination takes you in that which you want to have in your life, and what you visualize being a part of your day to day) will bring inner growth since through exploration you will find what each vision means to you from within and contemplate if it really is a part of you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 303 – Precise

A look at how being or not being precise plays a role in your life brings about inner growth due to the awareness you gain of what lies beneath the surface on why that aspect of preciseness is a part of you or not. It allows you to find judgements, limits, or the opposite; things that you think and feel in those moments, that you can only uncover through such explorations.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 301 – Option

A closer look at the options you consider when making certain types of decisions can bring about inner growth as you explore the depths of how you consider options and why they are actually choices that you bring into the equation in the first place.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 300 – Unquestionable

Exploring those things that are unquestionable for you in life or in specific circumstances brings about inner growth for the gained insight you get from knowing why they are indisputable for you. Your questions and exploration allow you to understand where your reasoning and certainty come from, and with awareness comes potential change of that thought process too.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 299 – Certainty

Exploring how you feel about certainty and how it affects your life brings about inner growth because it enables you to bring to the surface those things you want to have certainty in, which consequently uncovers the areas where uncertainty is present (otherwise there would be no need for certainty).

Inner Growth Word of The Day 298 – Dreams

A look at the dreams you have and the ones you had, but that have changed gets you to pursue inner growth by allowing you to clearly see what transformations have happened with you to bring about change or what things you fear that have stopped you from achieving some dreams. Exploring gives you insight into you, as well as the level of awareness and in-depth knowledge needed to make changes in the dreams you want to pursue moving forward.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 297 – Goal

A look at the goals you set, how you approach them, and how they make you feel bring inner growth as you identify your definitions of success, achievements, and important things to pursue in your life or that you think are important to you but aren’t really (once you identify those goals that you didn’t actively go after).

Inner Growth Word of The Day 295 – Language

A closer look at the language you use to express yourself, to communicate with others, to handle situations, and so on, brings about inner growth because you gain those deep tidbits about yourself that aren’t present in your peripheral view.