Month: September 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 272 – Protect

Diving into the reasons why you naturally protect certain things and people enables inner growth because you gain awareness of that which holds emotional significance to you and also the deeper meanings behind the emotional connection.

Overcoming the struggles you face with a 360-degree view

When it comes to facing struggles in life, it is never easy, especially at first; but as you pursue inner growth and gain more self-awareness and love, you are able to get through these tough times with less hardship. However, the key to achieving this for yourself also involves knowing yourself to the point of realizing your role in the struggles you face.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 270 – Acknowledge

To acknowledge something is a great help to your inner growth because it accompanies the awareness component of who you are in and out, which allow you to pursue inner growth thanks to active knowledge of those things. Only when you see something fully, which means seeing it with your perspective and life filter so that you may understand and resonate with it, can you pursue inner growth from the core.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 267 – Support

A look at how you feel about support (both receiving it and giving it) and the life experiences you’ve had with support bring about inner growth thanks to the exploration of those feelings. As you ask questions that dig deep in the things you’d like from others or to give others, you uncover expectations that you may hold and things that you will opt to keep or let go of.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 266 – Assistance

Being able to ask for assistance and the times you’ve needed assistance are both worth pondering over as they help you explore your feelings and thoughts about vulnerability, as well as needing help. This gained awareness brings inner growth as you look to overcome, understand, accept and embrace those feelings along your exploration.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 265 – Calling

The journey to find your calling brings you to understand yourself, find yourself, and make decisions; all of which bring about inner growth thanks to the entire process of exploration that you go through as you pursue and look to identify your calling.