Day: August 24, 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 236 – Bias

Your bias towards things helps inner growth when you bring those biases to the forefront. This means acknowledging that you are inclined towards some things or some people and not others. Doing this without judging it good or bad, but simply realizing that you are applying an inclination you have when talking about or thinking about these specific things or people. Through awareness you can also remove your biases if you choose to do so and in this way also contribute to your inner growth.

Love’s role in the pursuit of inner growth and overcoming inner conflict

Podcast Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Maria Florio

The more it becomes obvious how the process of going from inner conflict to inner growth requires additional support, the more I want to share with you so that I can help with that transition. In today’s podcast episode I talk a bit about love’s role in our lives when it comes to moving away from fear and that which causes us conflict…move away, not by hiding the fear, but by facing it with love and having a support system that is all love.