Day: July 12, 2017

Overcoming insecurities and removing external definitions

Typically, we all get defined by our loved ones as we grow up. You know, those comments that end up defining you as the talker of the family or the neat freak or the nagger, and so on. While these traits can be a part of who you are, they don’t have to define you in such a way as to make you insecure or self-conscious. Yet, they do affect each one of us in a way that makes us justify or excuse our behavior in numerous circumstances. If it only stopped there that would be fine, but…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 193 – Thought

When you look at recurring thoughts or a thought pattern that is present in your day to day this allows you to explore that thought from all angles and it is through this exploration that you find out some of those hidden core beliefs or values that are a part of you. As you go through this process inner growth takes place with the realization of what core beliefs and values are actually yours versus taught ones.