Month: July 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 212 – Guide

inner growth word of the day

A look at who guides you and how you guide yourself gives you eyes on the things you’ve already grown in, as well as the aspects you are continuously pursuing for your inner growth or that you’re helping another achieve for their inner growth. Either way, this exploration allows inner growth since it enables you to find areas that you may be ignoring or areas that you are pretty happy with and areas that you want to tweak as you move forward.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 211 – Demeaning

Exploring demeaning acts and/or thoughts that you have towards others gives you insights into your inner insecurities and this allows you to not only overcome those insecurities, but also to change that demeaning behavior. This type of exploration also allows you to understand what is really happening when someone says something to you demeaning or does something that intends to have a demeaning effect. In both instances, you are able to gain takeaways that enrich your life and inner person.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 210 – Unconditional

Exploring the unconditional attributes and feelings you have and hold for others and in life allows you to understand that which you are willing to go beyond and above for; which is also an indication of those things that are important to you and your life joy. This type of awareness allows you to pursue inner growth by expanding and/or transforming those unconditional things.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 209 – Lesson

When it comes to lessons and inner growth there is much to be said, but in essence it is thanks to the lessons acquired and your mindset to find a lesson in everything you experience that brings about inner growth for you, your person and emotions, your actions, and your overall life.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 208 – Lifeless

Exploring lifeless characteristics gets us to formulate ideas around what could be done to bring those things to life. This exploration gives you insights into characteristics that are a part of you and that move you, get you to feel excited and motivated. With this awareness inner growth comes as you apply these thoughts daily and to lifeless things that come your way.

What’s the right solution for your struggles

We all go through struggles in life and this means we also search for solutions to those struggles. The hard part about finding these solutions is tuning in to your heart and finding your answers from within. This is difficult because of all the external inputs we get that guide us along the way at the beginning of our contemplative journey as individuals. So how can you turn a struggle around for you? How can you find that right solution for you through your heart and using the external inputs to actually help you identify your heart?

Inner Growth Word of The Day 206 – Unenergetic

Unenergetic days can happen to everyone and taking a look at what brings about that feeling, that lack of energy gives you insight into you and the things that aren’t resonating with you at the highest level. As you explore these things and yourself, inner growth takes place with that gained awareness and the chance to actively change and/or pursue transformation that will reenergize you and your days.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 205 – Active

A look at the things you’re most active with in your day-to-day and the passions you pursue through your being active allow you to be aware of the level of energy and enthusiasm you hold for each task. With this awareness you pursue inner growth as you look to do more of what you’re active in and less of that which doesn’t bring about the same level of energy required to be active.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 204 – Stifle

Those instances where you, someone or something stifled your inner growth or is actively stifling you from pursuing something are instances worth exploring so that you can remove those blocks, those deterrents, from your life. This process allows you to remove personal blocks that cause you to stifle yourself from saying or doing something and if it’s a situation or person who is stopping you from moving forward you can actively decide what you want to do about it. In both instances inner growth takes place as you become fully aware of that which is stifling you and then decide how you are going to manage it so that you may move forward.