Day: June 28, 2017

Everyone can make a mistake, it’s owning up to it that makes a difference

No matter how big or small a mistake can be, when you are able to own up to it, it makes a world of difference to you and/or to the other who suffered from the mistake. It’s not about focusing on the blame or the now, ‘past’ event (and what was done); but rather accepting that it happened and exploring what exactly happened and why.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 179 – Firm

To explore why it is you’re firm on some things, whether it is an opinion or action, brings you to know the deeper truth behind your firmness. If it is being firm because it resonates with your heart or if it is being firm based on something else brings inner growth since you contemplate where this unchangeable idea or action comes from within or not. This can bring about a change either in that firm idea or action or the reason for it being that way in the first place.