Day: June 21, 2017

Avoiding to take out frustrations or a bad day on somebody else

A couple days ago I had an interesting conversation that sparked my thoughts for today’s Wednesday Wisdom post. The story first ~ I was at a café in Pozzuoli (near Naples, Italy) getting an espresso and asking about how payment for the parking lot worked. The signs that explained the regulations were confusing as to what the costs were depending on the day and time.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 172 – Chaos

Exploring the feelings that arise in a situation of chaos can lead you to understand your relationship with unpredictable scenarios and being put under pressure. Thought to your relationship with chaos also helps you to learn more how you deal, on a deeper level, with uncertainty. These types of explorations bring to inner growth as you become aware of your inner self and chaos, as well as think of ways to handle chaos.