Day: June 14, 2017

How to cope with stress to help yourself in the moment

Everyone experiences stress. Be it your job or a loved one leaving, or something happening that makes you worried. The list is endless of stressful situations. How you cope with stress can help you or increase your stress levels. So how can you cope with stress in a way that helps you in that moment and in future moments of stress? Well, mindset and what you focus on most in those stressful times are key.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 165 – External drive

An external drive is something that stems from outside of you and exploring how exactly it affects you, and gets you to take action, gives you insights into inner triggers that push you to think, feel or do something. With this knowledge inner growth takes place because you are now aware of inner triggers activated by the external, which means you can work with those inner triggers and transform them as you see fit from within and not as a consequence of the external.