Day: June 1, 2017

The Positive Sides Of Scoliosis

June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month

Originally posted on Butterfly Sessions:
Scoliosis is bleak, every single part of it. If you are somebody who is inflicted with this challenging health condition you already know that living with a twisted spine can be scary, daunting, defeating, debilitating, and lonely. I feel all of that. Since age 12 I have been repeatedly told…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 152 – Self-Defining

Self-defining brings to inner growth because it has you looking to define who you are by removing the outside inputs you’ve gotten from everyone else and using solely what you feel in your heart is who you are. It brings you to uncover yourself, even those opinions of others that you find valid or just seem to not be able and shake off as being applicable to you (even though in your heart you may not think so). Knowing all this of yourself, whether you choose to transform or change or not, mean inner growth because you see yourself fully and define yourself as such, which consequently also leads to acceptance and unconditional love (also a part of the inner growth journey).