Month: June 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 181 – Loyal

Exploring your loyal tendencies and what or who you’re loyal to gives you insight into who or what you hold a strong connection to (something so deep that it brings about this unbreakable commitment). When you dive into this area of yourself you find out so much about how you got to this point and this allows inner growth since you are now fully aware of where this loyal tendency comes from and what you can if you want to change it or add to it.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 180 – Opinionated

A look at what you’re opinionated about enables a deep dive into ideas and opinions you feel strongly about. This exploration of opinions and why you feel so strongly about them results in a level of awareness and possible transformation of these, which enables inner growth.

Everyone can make a mistake, it’s owning up to it that makes a difference

No matter how big or small a mistake can be, when you are able to own up to it, it makes a world of difference to you and/or to the other who suffered from the mistake. It’s not about focusing on the blame or the now, ‘past’ event (and what was done); but rather accepting that it happened and exploring what exactly happened and why.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 179 – Firm

To explore why it is you’re firm on some things, whether it is an opinion or action, brings you to know the deeper truth behind your firmness. If it is being firm because it resonates with your heart or if it is being firm based on something else brings inner growth since you contemplate where this unchangeable idea or action comes from within or not. This can bring about a change either in that firm idea or action or the reason for it being that way in the first place.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 178 – Special

When you explore the things and people that are special to you, you understand those traits that you find unique and that you cherish. This type of exploration brings about inner growth as it gets you to bring to awareness that which you value, and it also allows you to add to those things as you keep what’s special on the surface.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 177 – Mistake

To explore your relationship with the idea of a mistake, as well as taking a look at the mistakes you’ve made and make, is something that brings inner growth because it gets you to take the next step towards self-love; towards the understanding of others and how they can make mistakes; and towards a view of the world that can mold thanks to your newly gained insights of your own mistakes.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 176 – Human

Exploring the human traits you hold and what traits you don’t (hold), gives you insights into how you relate to others through your own experiences, as well as the level of empathy you can have towards others when it comes to those human traits you don’t hold yourself. This type of contemplation allows you to understand yourself at a deeper level and add understanding towards others too, this brings about inner growth within, but also in how you related to the outside world.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 175 – Inspiration

A look at the inspiration in your life and how inspiration affects you from within, as well as in the actions it brings you to take, gives you an in-depth knowledge of your emotional connections and triggers, your beliefs and inner drive. This exploration allows you to further that connection or transform it thanks to your level of awareness and this leads to inner growth.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 174 – Inconsistent

Whether an inconsistent action or thought or event is at play, taking a deeper look allows for the discovery of areas within you that may need some attention due to something missing or possibly something where two or more things are a part of it. This exploration brings about inner growth since it gets you to evaluate inconsistent events from within and for your inconsistent actions and/or thoughts, to be aware of their multifaceted nature and/or the possible disconnect that is present within you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 173 – Leadership

June 22 Inner Growth Word of the Day: Leadership   Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: (n.) 2. capacity to lead.  3. the act or an instance of leading.   Leadership in a sentence: When good leadership is a part of the equation in the decision-making process, things get done and move along smoothly.   Leadership in action:

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