Day: May 17, 2017

How can you handle your frustration to make it better

Frustration gets the best of you if you let it. When you’re frustrated it feels good to vent and let it out, but what happens if that frustration isn’t dealt with? It just sits there and the feeling isn’t pretty. It’s a vicious cycle to just let your frustration repeat itself over and over again. Even though the situation may pass and you won’t get frustrated for some time, the same situation could present itself again; and then what? You get upset again, and start all over. If on the other hand, you take that frustration and try to deal with it; you will not only learn something about yourself, but…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 137 – Compassion

How much compassion you have towards others and the situations they go through reveals the degree to which you can put yourself in another person’s shoes, but also how considerate you are for others. Understanding where this consideration comes from and how you are able to relate to others to whatever the degree is, helps you gain an understanding of yourself; but also can bring you to work on those areas so that you may expand your compassion towards more and more people. This type of exploration brings about inner growth since there’s getting to know your compassion from your heart, and also those attributes which may not be from your heart and therefore reveal changes you may choose to make moving forward.