Day: May 3, 2017

What’s so special about friendship and friends

There’s that saying about how you don’t pick your family, but you pick your friends, or something along those lines; and friendship is one of those amazing gifts that life gives us. What’s so special about friendship is the unconditional love you have for one another when that friendship is meaningful and like family. Friends can help you when you’re down and they can lift you up even more on those beautiful days. What is friendship? Where to start…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 123 – One-sided

Exploring the things you are one-sided about brings inner growth because it gets you to look into your reasons for this unilateral thinking; which opens up the notion that you are choosing to see something from one perspective (while there are more sides to it). As you dive deeper into your one-sidedness you understand where the perspective comes from and if it really resonates with you (and if so, why that is the case). By acknowledging one-sidedness and taking a look at the other sides of a story, you also gain a full picture about you, as well as the other sides/perspectives.